January 2020 – Week 4

Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks, we have been learning  Mise-en-Scene analysis through our unit based on the Oscar-winning movie ‘The King’s Speech’. We have learnt how to analyse images, posters and still frames from movies. We have had a formative assessment on the analysing elements of Mise-en-Scene, basis images provided.   Overall the unit has been very interesting as we have explored new techniques and honed skills we had previously developed. 
Rishi Garhyan MYP 3B
We started off the term with the introduction to the unit ‘Fundamental Forces’. Our starter activity was to identify our prior knowledge about the four fundamental forces by discussing with our partners. We then shared our knowledge with the rest of the class using a padlet wall. During the second week, we started learning about magnets, magnetic poles, and their properties; post which we created diagrams for a better understanding. We also visited the Physics practical lab and experimented with various types of magnets and iron filings. We recorded our observations on how the iron fillings shifted their position according to the magnetic field by using different magnets and poles.   So far, the learning environment has been interactive and fun, and we are enjoying learning these new concepts.    Aditya Sharma MYP 3B  
In the last two weeks in the Chemistry class we unpacked our unit ‘Introduction to Organic Chemistry’ with the help of  a Think-Pair-Share activity and we recorded our prior knowledge of the topic on a padlet link. We discussed the units Global Context (GC), Key Concept (KC), Related Concept (RC), and Statement of Inquiry (SOI). We also explored the link between Organic Chemistry and Biology and why it’s a separate branch of Chemistry. We revised the basic information on the element Carbon and why it’s so versatile in nature.   Sia Duggal MYP 3C  
Biology: We started a new unit ‘Patterns’ and were introduced to its details (GC, RC, KC & SOI). Our starter activity helped us revisit the concepts we covered earlier like classification and why is there a need for classification. We learnt about classification based on nutrition and also discussed unicellular and multicellular organisms. We watched a video and made graphic organisers related to the concepts covered.   Aarav Bhardwaj MYP 3B
Individual and SocietiesWith the start of Term 2, we began our unit on ‘Nationalism’. We shared our understanding about the topic and had discussions regarding the meaning of Nationalism. As an introductory group activity, we were asked to present our views on India’s stand on the current US-Iran Conflict and how we could address this situation. We watched a video on the American Revolution and are trying to identify how Nationalism played a role in America’s fight for freedom Aryan Dalal MYP 3A
MathematicsIn our math lessons, we started with our new unit of geometry. We understood the formulas of calculating the surface area of different figures, and we learnt the Pythagoras theorem. We also learnt the differences between the area and surface area, and after covering all these topics, we moved to find the volume of these 3D shapes.  
Sia Duggal MYP 3C  
Language Acquisition  French Phase 1:
To kick start this term, we set Essential Agreements for the class and the goals we want to achieve this term. We started our unit on ‘Weekend and Leisure Activities’ with a group activity where we asked each other about what we like doing for fun. Through this we understood each other and our own schedules and interests better. Another interesting task that we did was to match the names of activities with the correct picture in French. These activities also helped us in our communication skills and enhanced our understanding of French grammar and vocabulary.
 Ahhana Verma – MYP 3B

French Phase 2:
During the past two weeks, we learnt about various leisure activities the native French are fond of. We built on our prior knowledge and explored aspects of French culture. The teacher introduced us to traditional French games and phrases. We also participated in activities which helped us build our confidence in the language.   
Bhavika Malik MYP 3A  

Spanish Phase 1:
Over the past two weeks, we have started a new unit ‘My Free Time’. We worked on a concept map of the unit, discussed the inquiry questions, and formed our Statement of Inquiry. We were introduced to vocabulary related to the unit and appeared in a vocabulary test. We discussed recreational and leisure activities, learnt colloquial expressions, and were also given a text to read on the leisure activities of teenagers in Hispanic countries.  
Andrea Joe Ben MYP 3B  

Spanish Phase II:
During the past two weeks, we were introduced to the unit ‘Weekend and Leisure Activities’. Initially we unpacked the unit by working in groups and created our own Statement of Inquiry. A brainstorming activity was conducted based on our previous knowledge and later we learnt new vocabulary and expressions to talk about the activities that we do in our free time.  
Parth Gupta  MYP 3A  

Spanish Phase III:
We started a new unit this term ‘We Care for Our World’ and in the initial classes, discussed the inquiry questions. We read a few articles on life in big cities and countryside and talked about some advantages and disadvantages.    We started reading up on problems related to the environment and reviewed some possible solutions.  
Aryan Dalal MYP 3A  

Hindi – Emergent   In Hindi class, we set our goals and wrote them in our books. We had a recap of our spellings through dictation. We discussed Hindi command terms and understood them. We were given stories to read which helped us improve our reading skills and expand our vocabulary.   Tavisha MYP 3A  

Hindi Capable: In the past two weeks, we have covered a lot of important concepts in class. We started a new unit  ‘Duniya Ki Fikra’, in which we watched a short documentary on the danger the House Sparrow is in and how people have taken the initiative for its preservation. In another task, all students chose a Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) and using digital tools, presented the goal. We also read a short article, ‘Dekh Yeh Dharti Kitni Sundar Hai’.   To incorporate technological tools in class, we downloaded a Google extension which allowed us to type in Hindi; and then used Google and Microsoft forms to complete the tasks.   These sessions have been enjoyable and very interesting and we would definitely like more of such integrations.    Antara Gupta MYP 3A
E-PortfolioDigital Design This term  in design we are focusing on ‘Addressing the Global Challenges of Tomorrow’. Our unit explores the ways we can identify innovative solutions and present them through a website. We brainstormed in groups to further research on the issue and what the possible solutions could be.    Aryan Dalal MYP 3A     Visual Arts Towards the end of the last academic term, we touched upon wood-cut printmaking, and  as we started Term 2, we deep-dived into the topic. We completed our research, and started making our layouts, keeping in mind different social issues. These layouts served as our formative assessments, and our final product is to be a print of the layout.  
Ahhana Verma  MYP 3B
Product Design:
We started with a new unit ‘Wooden Joints Factory’. We watched two videos as an introduction, one about the joints in our body and how these joints help us move and do work, and the second about the different wooden joints. Post the video, there was a class discussion on types of wooden joints and how wooden joints play an important role in carpentry. We then discussed the Global Context, Key Concepts, Related Concepts and the inquiry questions.   Sia Duggal MYP 3C  

We are working in groups to write down different sections (verse, chorus, bridge) of a song based on the theme of sustainability.  Some of the groups presented the process of creation of the lyrics of their individual sections. We were given some guiding questions by the teacher that helped us express our ideas about the process of lyric writing.  
Medha Ummat MYP 3A  

In the past two weeks we have started working on a new unit for this term. The task is to replicate orators from prestigious platforms like TED, Insider, Goalcoast etc. We are learning how to understand a character, decode their body language and posture. Another process we are exploring is understand eye of detail in method acting when replicating people from real life. The first part of the process is to choose five such talks and choose up to five minutes from each speech and replicate it in class in the coming weeks.  
Bhavika Malik MYP 3A  

Physical Health and Education:
We started the unit on ‘Fitness and Wellness’ and revisited the components which affect the level of physical fitness of an individual. We discussed ways to improve general physical fitness and started preparing for the upcoming Inter House Athletic Meet. We also appeared in the trials of 50 mtr, 50 mtr hurdle and shot put.   Kris Varghese MYP 3B:

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