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To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life.


  • To prepare students for an ever changing and challenging world.
  • To instil in them a passion for learning and a spirit of inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives.
  • To help students grow into responsive and responsible global citizens.
  • To foster in them respect and care towards others and the environment.
  • To provide the school community an environment which is a blend of universal values, pedagogy and innovation.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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February Week 4 – Blog

Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks we have done media analysis and concluded our unit ‘The King’s Speech’. We have also been revising Mise-en-Scene and have used it to compare two pieces of literary text. Recently, we were introduced to ‘Doll’s House’, our next unit. In class we had insightful discussions on feminism and shared our understanding of the topic. Kris Varghese MYP 3B
SciencePhysics Last week we completed the topic ‘Magnetic Forces’ with a  Formative Assessment in which we varied the strength of the electromagnet by changing the current passing through the coil. Then we started our new topic on ‘Gravitational Force’ by visiting the Library where we were divided into pairs and were given topics to research from the books allotted to us. We then summarized the information in our journals. Vir Singh Brar MYP 3B   Chemistry We discussed and compared the characteristic properties of organic and inorganic compounds. Through a demonstration we were also able to observe some differences between the compounds. We further explored the hydrocarbon families such as alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. We learned to apply the general formula to work out the molecular, structural and condensed formulae for various alkanes. We had a feedback session on our homework task sheet and worked on improvements post the discussion. Ritvik Singal MYP 3B and Kabir Suri MYP 3A     Biology We completed our Formative Assessment on an investigation task on seed germination. We also learnt about scientific names and binomial nomenclature. Ritvik Singhal MYP 3B
Individual and SocietiesAs part of our unit ‘Nationalism’, we learnt about the causes of World War I and the role of alliances. As a part of our assessment, we have started research on significant individuals who were national heroes and the role they played in WWI. We have learnt about the Treaty of Versailles and enjoyed doing the Infographic homework in which we have to recreate the Treaty assuming Germany was part of the negotiations. As a part of student-led learning, Aarush from MYP 4 presented the causes of World War II and introduced us to the topics of Great Depression and the Policy of Appeasement. Akshat Batra MYP 3C
MathematicsLast week we started learning about volume of different 3D shapes like cylinders, sphere, hemisphere, cone, cube and cuboid. We learnt how volume can be defined as the 3-dimensional space enclosed by a boundary or occupied by an object. All through the week we were given different exercises and activities to help deepen our knowledge of volume. One interesting example was an activity where we were divided into pairs and given a sheet of paper that had a human body made with different 3D shapes such as cylinders and spheres. We had to use our knowledge of volume to figure out the total volume of the body and in the end, write a reflection on our experience. We also took a Formative Assessment on Assessprep. This week we strengthened our knowledge on volume of 3D figures and started a new unit called ‘Triangle Geometry’, commonly known as Trigonometry. As an introductory activity we were given a cut out puzzle of a Pythagorean Theorem that helped us derive the proof of Pythagoras’ theorem. Medha Ummat MYP 3A
Language Acquisition  French Phase 1  In the past two weeks, we built on our vocabulary on our likes and dislikes and our weekend activities through various interactive means. We role-played and made the other team guess the action done. It was a highly engaging way of revision of what we had learnt. We also had our Formative Assessment on Criterion B.  Aniruddh Verma MYP 3C   French Phase II We continued to build on our understanding of past perfect tense ‘passe compose’. To build our confidence, we wrote blogs and letters describing what we did over the weekends. We also presented a monologue to the class on different topics based on leisure activities. We also took a Formative Assessment on  Criterion B and received feedback from our teacher. 
Ritwik Sharma MYP 3A   Spanish Phase 1 Over the past two weeks we wrote a personal blog on our recreational and leisure activities. We were given several worksheets to practice writing blogs. We also learnt present perfect tense and practiced grammar through worksheets and group discussion. We  were also given written and visual text to practice Criterion B for our Formative Assessment. Andrea Joe Ben MYP 3B   Spanish Phase II Over the last two weeks, we read texts based on free time activities and did some grammar exercises. Later, we learnt how to write texts like informal letters and blogs in Spanish. During the last class, we played a series of interesting Kahoot quizzes to strengthen the vocabulary related to our current unit.
Advika Nahar
MYP 3C      Spanish Phase III We read texts on global warming and recorded a podcast on environment issues and possible solutions. Aryan Dalal MYP 3A   Hindi This week we worked on our Formative Assessment 2 presentations. Each of us was given a Sustainable Development Goal that was in correlation with our current unit, and we were supposed to make a 6-8 slide presentation on it. After finishing our presentations, each of us had to fill out a  Microsoft/Google form that acted as a reflection for the formative. Arjun Ahlawat MYP 3A
E-PortfolioDIGITAL DESIGN In the last two weeks, we completed Criterion A and were assessed on it. We were also introduced to our unit, where we will learn to make a website addressing the global challenges of tomorrow. We then started working on Criterion A, which is the planning that is needed to build a website. In the first two strands, we had to write the design problem and the research table that will help us gather information for the website. We also explored tips that could help us improve our website. In the last strands, we researched on an existing product and a design brief to get an idea on how to start work on our own website. We got two weeks to finish Criterion A post which we were assessed and are currently working on the  feedback given to us. Aarna Garg MYP 3B   VISUAL ARTS Towards the end of the last academic term, we touched upon wood-cut printmaking, and as we started Term 2, we deep-dived into the topic. We completed our research, and started making our layouts, keeping in mind different social issues. These layouts served as our Formative Assessments, and our final product is to be a print of the layout. We have started printmaking techniques to develop manual and digital printmaking media. Through our research work we are trying to analyze the difference between manual and digital print making and how print making has changed through ages.   Ahhana Verma MYP 3B   PRODUCT DESIGN Before we started creating our products, safety rules were discussed to avoid accidents in the lab. Over the last two weeks, we have been busy cutting and sanding wooden pieces to create our products and have completed our Criterion A. Maria Kuttikadan MYP 3C   DRAMA We have finally started delivering our mock TED talks. Each of us presented a piece that resonated with us. While replicating the finer details of the actual character, we have come to realize how we take so much for granted when we see people talk, act or perform. Apart from this task, we have also been given the added responsibility of making a logo for TED talks by using waste material. Keeping in mind the theme of sustainability for this year, we collected unwanted waste as a class and are trying to make a signage for ourselves. Arjun Ahlawat MYP 3A     MUSIC We have started composing a melody line for the lyrics we had created in our last assignment. We reflected on some concepts (scale and chords) and used our understanding of the music theory to work out the elements and find the chord progression for our songs.  We learnt about different chord progressions that we could use for the various sections of our songs. We also watched a video on how popular singer-songwriters create lyrics and different chord progressions for their melodies using perfect and plagal cadence. Agastya Krishna Gopal Makkar MYP 3A   PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION We continued with our unit on ‘Fitness and Wellness’. We discussed the relationship between health and fitness. We researched the 12 minute Cooper Run Test and used the test to check our endurance levels.  Aryan Dalal MYP 3A

January 2020 – Week 4

Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks, we have been learning  Mise-en-Scene analysis through our unit based on the Oscar-winning movie ‘The King’s Speech’. We have learnt how to analyse images, posters and still frames from movies. We have had a formative assessment on the analysing elements of Mise-en-Scene, basis images provided.   Overall the unit has been very interesting as we have explored new techniques and honed skills we had previously developed. 
Rishi Garhyan MYP 3B
We started off the term with the introduction to the unit ‘Fundamental Forces’. Our starter activity was to identify our prior knowledge about the four fundamental forces by discussing with our partners. We then shared our knowledge with the rest of the class using a padlet wall. During the second week, we started learning about magnets, magnetic poles, and their properties; post which we created diagrams for a better understanding. We also visited the Physics practical lab and experimented with various types of magnets and iron filings. We recorded our observations on how the iron fillings shifted their position according to the magnetic field by using different magnets and poles.   So far, the learning environment has been interactive and fun, and we are enjoying learning these new concepts.    Aditya Sharma MYP 3B  
In the last two weeks in the Chemistry class we unpacked our unit ‘Introduction to Organic Chemistry’ with the help of  a Think-Pair-Share activity and we recorded our prior knowledge of the topic on a padlet link. We discussed the units Global Context (GC), Key Concept (KC), Related Concept (RC), and Statement of Inquiry (SOI). We also explored the link between Organic Chemistry and Biology and why it’s a separate branch of Chemistry. We revised the basic information on the element Carbon and why it’s so versatile in nature.   Sia Duggal MYP 3C  
Biology: We started a new unit ‘Patterns’ and were introduced to its details (GC, RC, KC & SOI). Our starter activity helped us revisit the concepts we covered earlier like classification and why is there a need for classification. We learnt about classification based on nutrition and also discussed unicellular and multicellular organisms. We watched a video and made graphic organisers related to the concepts covered.   Aarav Bhardwaj MYP 3B
Individual and SocietiesWith the start of Term 2, we began our unit on ‘Nationalism’. We shared our understanding about the topic and had discussions regarding the meaning of Nationalism. As an introductory group activity, we were asked to present our views on India’s stand on the current US-Iran Conflict and how we could address this situation. We watched a video on the American Revolution and are trying to identify how Nationalism played a role in America’s fight for freedom Aryan Dalal MYP 3A
MathematicsIn our math lessons, we started with our new unit of geometry. We understood the formulas of calculating the surface area of different figures, and we learnt the Pythagoras theorem. We also learnt the differences between the area and surface area, and after covering all these topics, we moved to find the volume of these 3D shapes.  
Sia Duggal MYP 3C  
Language Acquisition  French Phase 1:
To kick start this term, we set Essential Agreements for the class and the goals we want to achieve this term. We started our unit on ‘Weekend and Leisure Activities’ with a group activity where we asked each other about what we like doing for fun. Through this we understood each other and our own schedules and interests better. Another interesting task that we did was to match the names of activities with the correct picture in French. These activities also helped us in our communication skills and enhanced our understanding of French grammar and vocabulary.
 Ahhana Verma – MYP 3B

French Phase 2:
During the past two weeks, we learnt about various leisure activities the native French are fond of. We built on our prior knowledge and explored aspects of French culture. The teacher introduced us to traditional French games and phrases. We also participated in activities which helped us build our confidence in the language.   
Bhavika Malik MYP 3A  

Spanish Phase 1:
Over the past two weeks, we have started a new unit ‘My Free Time’. We worked on a concept map of the unit, discussed the inquiry questions, and formed our Statement of Inquiry. We were introduced to vocabulary related to the unit and appeared in a vocabulary test. We discussed recreational and leisure activities, learnt colloquial expressions, and were also given a text to read on the leisure activities of teenagers in Hispanic countries.  
Andrea Joe Ben MYP 3B  

Spanish Phase II:
During the past two weeks, we were introduced to the unit ‘Weekend and Leisure Activities’. Initially we unpacked the unit by working in groups and created our own Statement of Inquiry. A brainstorming activity was conducted based on our previous knowledge and later we learnt new vocabulary and expressions to talk about the activities that we do in our free time.  
Parth Gupta  MYP 3A  

Spanish Phase III:
We started a new unit this term ‘We Care for Our World’ and in the initial classes, discussed the inquiry questions. We read a few articles on life in big cities and countryside and talked about some advantages and disadvantages.    We started reading up on problems related to the environment and reviewed some possible solutions.  
Aryan Dalal MYP 3A  

Hindi – Emergent   In Hindi class, we set our goals and wrote them in our books. We had a recap of our spellings through dictation. We discussed Hindi command terms and understood them. We were given stories to read which helped us improve our reading skills and expand our vocabulary.   Tavisha MYP 3A  

Hindi Capable: In the past two weeks, we have covered a lot of important concepts in class. We started a new unit  ‘Duniya Ki Fikra’, in which we watched a short documentary on the danger the House Sparrow is in and how people have taken the initiative for its preservation. In another task, all students chose a Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) and using digital tools, presented the goal. We also read a short article, ‘Dekh Yeh Dharti Kitni Sundar Hai’.   To incorporate technological tools in class, we downloaded a Google extension which allowed us to type in Hindi; and then used Google and Microsoft forms to complete the tasks.   These sessions have been enjoyable and very interesting and we would definitely like more of such integrations.    Antara Gupta MYP 3A
E-PortfolioDigital Design This term  in design we are focusing on ‘Addressing the Global Challenges of Tomorrow’. Our unit explores the ways we can identify innovative solutions and present them through a website. We brainstormed in groups to further research on the issue and what the possible solutions could be.    Aryan Dalal MYP 3A     Visual Arts Towards the end of the last academic term, we touched upon wood-cut printmaking, and  as we started Term 2, we deep-dived into the topic. We completed our research, and started making our layouts, keeping in mind different social issues. These layouts served as our formative assessments, and our final product is to be a print of the layout.  
Ahhana Verma  MYP 3B
Product Design:
We started with a new unit ‘Wooden Joints Factory’. We watched two videos as an introduction, one about the joints in our body and how these joints help us move and do work, and the second about the different wooden joints. Post the video, there was a class discussion on types of wooden joints and how wooden joints play an important role in carpentry. We then discussed the Global Context, Key Concepts, Related Concepts and the inquiry questions.   Sia Duggal MYP 3C  

We are working in groups to write down different sections (verse, chorus, bridge) of a song based on the theme of sustainability.  Some of the groups presented the process of creation of the lyrics of their individual sections. We were given some guiding questions by the teacher that helped us express our ideas about the process of lyric writing.  
Medha Ummat MYP 3A  

In the past two weeks we have started working on a new unit for this term. The task is to replicate orators from prestigious platforms like TED, Insider, Goalcoast etc. We are learning how to understand a character, decode their body language and posture. Another process we are exploring is understand eye of detail in method acting when replicating people from real life. The first part of the process is to choose five such talks and choose up to five minutes from each speech and replicate it in class in the coming weeks.  
Bhavika Malik MYP 3A  

Physical Health and Education:
We started the unit on ‘Fitness and Wellness’ and revisited the components which affect the level of physical fitness of an individual. We discussed ways to improve general physical fitness and started preparing for the upcoming Inter House Athletic Meet. We also appeared in the trials of 50 mtr, 50 mtr hurdle and shot put.   Kris Varghese MYP 3B:

September – Blog Entry

Language and Literature
In the past two weeks we reviewed the concept of an internal monologue, we were shown two videos to help us understand internal monologue better, and a FA was conducted on the same topic.  Later were guided how to write a compare and contrast essay.   By- Andrea Joe Ben MYP 3 B  
Science Physics In our physics class, we talked about scientific notation and discussed the details of density and volume.  Furthermore, we went through the concept of density and volume by conducting research and presenting our understanding of these concepts using the help of certain innovations that shaped the world.  Lastly, we did a formative assessment in which we were given 5 blocks of different metals and we had to calculate its mass, density and the buoyant force by checking water displacement. Aryan Dalal MYP 3A     Chemistry We explored the topic of indicators and discussed the litmus and pH scale in detail along with the chemistry homework. We learnt the skill to write the word and chemical equations for properties of acids and investigated the properties of acids through a lab activity and noted our observations in the task sheet provided. By: Arnav Sonarghare MYP 3C Biology We reviewed the Respiratory System and organs. We were shown a video to compare aerobic and anaerobic respiration. We compared the two types of respiration in a tabulated form. By- Shaurya Yadav  MYP3C      
Individual and Societies We tested our knowledge of colonialism in Africa by playing a quiz in classroom. We made class presentations on our colonial case studies which was a research- based team task – like Portuguese in Brazil, Britishers in India, Britishers in America and so many others. We have started studying about European colonialism in China. and explored new terms like ‘Spheres of influence’ and ‘Open door policy’.   MYP 3B Aarrav Bhardwaj
Mathematics Last week in mathematics, we learnt   how to factorize and solve equations.  This concept was full of fun, we interacted and worked together to solve these equations and practiced many questions. Later we learnt how to solve word problems using quadratic expression. We did many practice questions to understand this topic. We started a new unit – Linear Relationship where we derived a mathematical problem into a linear function for ‘n’ number of situation and learnt to plot linear expression graphically.   By Keshav Saini MYP 3 B  
Language Acquisition   FRENCH
Phase 1 & 2 (Emergent level):
After our formative assessment of the current unit, we revised the prepositions of place, directions to help navigate around the city, and verbs related to the topic. We watched videos and did skill-building activities. An activity was conducted to help understand prepositions better. For understanding directions, we made a map on an origami sheet and located various places.   – Rithwik Sharma (MYP 3A)    SPANISH Phase 1: Over the last two weeks we were introduced to some grammar topics, and compared our city with Ibagué (one of the Hispanic cities). We learnt to express our opinions using the impersonal pronoun with modal verbs in an impersonal way. We also acquired knowledge to express our desires using the conditional mood. It helped us to be able to justify why we would want to live in a city by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city and countryside. We also appeared for a formative assessment.   Akshat Aggarwal, MYP 3 A   Phase 2: In the past two weeks we learnt about the ‘imperative’ mood in Spanish to give orders and commands.  We practiced writing sentences to talk about the activities that we do at different places in a city. We were also given a text to read and fill in the blanks in which a person talks about his city, which helped us to understand how to write about a city in an expressive way. Sia Duggal MYP 3C    Phase 3: We took a formative assessment and got the feedback from the teacher. We are practicing reading skills; we have been given a comprehension and we asked questions to our peers covering each strand of criterion B. Damian Das Gupta, MYP 3A   Hindi We had a practice of the Hindi Diwas activities like poetry presentation and poem illustrations based on the poems in the class.   We discussed about the connection between poems and real-life situations.  MYP 3-  Emergent Level   For the past few classes, we have discussed various topics related to our unit “In and Around City”. We had a fruitful discussion on the benefits of a smart city and what is a smart city, the difference in an old city and a modern city and what are a planned city and its benefits. We also saw a video on how Chandigarh is a smart city and had a discussion on the same.   While discussing we also made an organiser that displayed what consists of a smart and planned city.    Shaurya Yadav  MYP 3 C
E-Portfolio Digital Design We completed all the strands of criterion A. This included understanding the design problem, identifying the client, researching on the elements related to developing the product. We also reviewed existing products related to the product we are planning to make and in the last strand we summarized all the strands stating the design brief.   Ahhana Verma MYP 3B    VISUAL ARTS We started developing our unit “Abstract Art” step by step. We discussed colour schemes and methods of using colours for symbolic representation. Later we individually started research for portfolio which included the definition of abstract art, abstract art artists and their art works. Based on different criteria, we understood how to critically analyse an artwork. We then made detailed mind- maps that included materials, mediums, design description so that we have a fair idea for the layout we will make and then decide our final artwork for the unit. We also finalised our layouts after considering multiple thoughts and ideas and have started working on our final art works.  Aarna Garg MYP 3 B   PRODUCT DESIGN Our first unit in product design is Eco Design. After a spending the entire month on developing our technical skills, we took the first step in solving the design problem of our chosen clients. We followed the design cycle specifically, Criterion A which entails inquiry and analysis of the design situation.   Soham Patil Myp 3C     DRAMA The past two weeks we have taken a leap with our work and have moved ahead with our projects. Along with our tangible innovations, we have also started preparing for presentations that we will give to our fellow classmates for the purpose of peer evaluation and collaboration beyond our own respective groups. The regular entries on our process journals is helping us keep a track of our progress and we have collated our work so far in order to gauge our pace and reflect on our work.   Bhavika MYP 3A   Music In the past week we did  chord ear training exercise in the class wherein the teacher played a chord on the piano and we had  to identify which chord type was  being played – major, minor, diminished or augmented through its sound quality/character. We also learnt to play a chord progression on the piano.   Pratha Mishra MYP 3C   PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION In the past week we have had class discussions related to the unit and its details we had a collaborative discussion on communication and its importance in sports; to have better team performance and execute the team strategy well.   Aditya Sharma Myp 3b        


Language and Literature In the past two weeks we did numerous activities related to the novel “My Family and Other Animals”.  We wrote the summary and understood how to annotate a text. We also analysed the main characters of the novel and did a comparative analysis of the book cover and a movie poster of the novel. We were shown interesting videos to understand internal monologue and have finished reading the novel till chapter 12. Rishi Garhyan, MYP 3 B  
Science Physics In the last week we discussed the topic of- ‘Density’, wherein the teacher demonstrated to the class, the mixing of liquids of different densities like glycerine, water and oil. It helped us to understand that intermolecular forces acting on the various states of matter depends on the difference in density of solids, liquids and gases. We also started to prepare models and investigation to show the relationship between density and volume as our formative assessment. Rutvik Roy, MYP 3C   Chemistry We discussed the names of a few bases based on our prior knowledge and created a mind map of their properties. Post that we observed the samples of acids and bases to understand the terms- dilute and concentrated. A diagrammatic representation helped us to understand the terms- weak and strong. Next we discussed the need of indicators and identified samples of acid, base and neutral substance through a practical activity. Agastya Makkar, MYP 3A Biology We compared the digestive system of ruminants and non-ruminants and learned about the ruminant stomach its parts and function. We also watched the video on blood vessels to understand and compare the arteries, veins and capillaries. Advaith Pandalai, MYP 3B    
Individual and Societies   In the past two weeks, we did various ATL based activities which enhanced our conceptual understanding of- ‘Colonialism’.  We have been working on group presentation which requires us to do extensive research. For this, we had to first choose a colonial power and then one of its colonies. The research revolved around the economic, social, cultural and political impacts of colonialism on the colony. Arnaa Garg, MYP 3 A  
Mathematics The past two weeks, we started expansion and factorisation of algebraic expression. We learnt algebraic identities and how to apply them to algebraic expressions. As an icebreaker activity, we used an online shape- based game to understand the concept better and a discussed of the topic ensued. Ahhana Verma, MYP 3B    
Language Acquisition   FRENCH In this week, we continued with our unit ‘In and Around Town’. We did numerous listening and reading exercises to reinforce vocabulary of French shops and boutiques by accessing French manuals such as Tricolore 2 et 3. Moreover, we did an interesting ATL activity in which we guessed the name of a French shop along with its description. Next we designed a city map based on the information accessed from audio-visual tips. We also discussed our homework sheets and learnt more about grammatical structures and expressions to describe our neighbourhood. Lastly, we appeared for a formative assessment on criterion B.    Chirant Mukherjee, MYP 3A   SPANISH Phase 1: This week we were given a visual and written text about a coastal town called ‘Sitges’ in Spain. We used both skimming and scanning technique to read the text which helped us to identify the basic fact and main idea of the text. We were also introduced to the directions and prepositions of place and were given a task to design the map of an imaginary city using directions. Akshat Aggarwal, MYP 3C Phase 2: During the past two weeks, we saw a YouTube video for asking and giving directions using different verbs and prepositions, later we constructed a few sentences on the same topic which helped us to improve our understanding of grammar. We also learnt a lot of vocabulary to talk about the problems of a city and verbs related to environment sustainability such as “reciclar” and “reducir” with the help of a presentation.  Furthermore, we studied the usage and conjugation of conditional tense to express our wishes. Sia Duggal, MYP 3 C Phase 3: We read different text on healthy lifestyle and also revised vocabulary and expressions on illness. -Aryan Dalal, MYP 3A Hindi We had poetry reading and an analysis session in class in which we discussed many poems by eminent Hindi poets. We chose some of poem to present during Hindi Diwas function. Gunika Singh, MYP 3A   
E-Portfolio Digital Design We analysed two existing products based on 2D animation through SWOT analysis. We also summarized our research through a design brief on the concept we are working on. Summary of the research included primary, secondary and analysis of the products.  Ritvik Singhal- MYP 3B VISUAL ARTS In the last two weeks we discussed the unit of Abstract Act and its relevance in the present century, we also discussed colour schemes and the use of colour for symbolic representation. We started the research on our portfolios and understood how to analyse an artwork in a critical manner. We then made detailed mind- maps which included materials, mediums, design description to have a fair idea of the layout. We also finalised our layouts after considering multiple thoughts and ideas.  Aarna Garg, MYP 3 B       PRODUCT DESIGN This week we focussed on skill development. While some of us have been learning macramé, others are trying crotchet and basic embroidery. We are enjoying the whole process of creating sustainable jewellery by bringing together a variety of materials in our pieces. Abhiveer Bhatt, MYP 3B   DRAMA The past two weeks, we consolidated our work into a process journal in order to show the progress we’ve made so far with our projects. We collected screenshots, wrote descriptions about our work and are heading towards mapping it with the playwright of Hamlet. We also had a pop quiz in the class related to the story and are now gearing up to show the first draft of our innovation projects for feedback. Sia Duggal, MYP 3C Music
We practiced different types of chord formations – major, minor, augmented and diminished on the musical staff. We had our formative assessment based on the identification of the chords displayed in treble clef on the staff. We received feedback on the assessment by the teacher. PHYSICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION For the unit – ‘One for All and All for One’ we explored team skills in various sports such as basketball, football and badminton. We formed inquiry questions and discussed and arrived at a common conclusion. We identified the role of each team member and understood their significant contribution to the team.  As a class we discussed various terminologies about different sports requiring team skills. Tansi Mehrotra, MYP 3-C      




The students of MYP 3 had to plan and write a proposal to their parents to migrate to a country of their choice, we used our prior knowledge and included the elements of the rhetorical triangle in the proposal. The task was in coherence with the text – ‘My Family and Other Animal’s’ where the character’s move from England to Corfu and how they adapt themselves to the new environment.

 We were also shown a presentation to understand the various elements of a proposal, later we were given sample proposal letters from which we had to identify the elements of a meaningful proposal which we presented to the class as a group task. As a group activity we were assigned a character to analyse using STEAL analysis.

-Ahhana Verma, MYP 3 B



Last week we started with our new unit named – ‘Microscopic World Around Us’.  The unit started with an activity where we were given a beaker having water, Styrofoam balls, candle and metal blocks. We dropped these in the water and observed that only metal block sank in the water. Then our teacher asked us to think that why a ship made of metal doesn’t sink in water while the metal block used by us did sink in water. That led us to a discussion of mass and volume. We learnt the difference between mass and weight and how weight shows variation, but the mass remains constant. Looking forward to exploring more in this unit.




During our chemistry classes in the last week, we started the discussion on the new chemistry unit- Acids, Bases and Salts. We discussed the key concept, related concept, global context and statement of inquiry for the same. We discussed the names of few acids based on our prior knowledge and made a mind map related to the properties of Acids. We reviewed our benchmarking assessment and homework sheet.

By -Sia Duggal



We continued learning about digestive enzymes and shared our understanding in the class. To further enhance our understanding of the topic we watched a video on rumination and a ruminating stomach. We labelled the diagram of a ruminant stomach. We also discussed the benchmarking assessment in the class and made the required corrections in the assessment paper.

By Yash Bhattacharya



We studied the difference between Imperialism and Colonialism in detail. We did research-based activities to understand the reasons and implications of Imperialism. We further discussed the motives of Imperialism in pairs and  framed questions and wrote an essay on how people of Kenya were affected by Imperialism. Further we studied Imperialism with respect to Africa and studied slave-trade. We also discussed the various elements of Industrial Revolution and Colonization.

By Shaurya Yadav 



We started the week with an activity – “Where am I?”, “Where I want to be?” and “I Don’t Need Math”. Later we headed towards learning ‘Index Notation’, we understood the concept after discussion and clarification of our doubts. We also took our Benchmarking assessment this week. In preparation for the upcoming FA, we had a quiz conducted in class which helped us to sail through the assessment successfully.

-Akshat Batra



Phase 1 and 2:

The benchmarking assessments were conducted this week based on which we were placed in our respective phases. We were introduced to the first unit of the academic session- ‘In and Around Town’ which focuses on learning the vocabulary of neighbourhood, town/city, and suburbs. We started with a Know-Want-Learnt (KWL) chart in order to ascertain our existing knowledge and transfer it to this unit.

 Next, we delved into the unit inquiry and discussed factual, conceptual, and debatable questions.  In grammar, we have covered definite and indefinite articles, as well as contracted articles by working on various task sheets. Using audio-visual resources, we learnt the vocabulary of French ’boutiques’ and professions. These links have also aided us in grasping the correct pronunciation and accent. 

 Aditya Sharma




Phase 1: We started the unit with the strategy – KWL, which helped us to understand our prior knowledge of the topic. We discussed the vocabulary to be explored in the unit “In and Around Town”. We were given a task to write about the pros and cons of living in the city where we currently reside. We were asked to write exit slips as our ongoing reflection. This task helped us to enhance our communication skills and building new vocabulary.

Akshat Agarwal


Phase 2: In the past week, we watched a very interesting short film called “Anonimos’, where the cell phones of a man and a woman get swapped by mistake

 in a city which is new for both of them, and they try to communicate with each other by giving directions to decide on a meeting place.  The short movie contained a lot of vocabulary related to our current unit “In and around town”.  We wrote the words and phrases that we could recognize from the video and discussed them. We learnt the basic verbs required to describe  a city, and also made a list of the common places in a city in Spanish, and adjectives to describe them.  

~ Sia Duggal


Phase 3: We discussed the vocabulary to be explored in the unit “Healthy Lifestyle” and participated in an activity called – Decoding your preferences, likes and dislikes of food items with justification. We were given a sheet with numbers and we created codes choosing numbers from each box.

The teacher projected the sheet with words and sentences, and we exchanged the sheets with each other and decoded the codes. This activity helped us to enhance our communication skills and build new vocabulary.

-Aryan Dalal



In the past week we took our benchmarking assessments and were given our phase levels. We discussed a story based on World War II, after a listening activity, it helped us to sharpen our listening skills. It was followed with a discussion of our unit and we were given some strategies to improve our writing skills. Next, we had a task which helped us to understand what is of more importance- mental health or physical health.

Gunika Singh


                                       E PORTFOLIO SUBJECTS


We started with unit 1 – ‘Journey of Food through 2D Animation’. Our first task was to research on basic key terms related to 2D animation, which will help us for the rest of the unit. Once we completed that task, we created a mind map which helped us organize our thoughts about our client/audience, product and connection with the statement of inquiry. We have started developing our documentation with strand wise information for the unit.

By Diya Kansal

MYP 3B  


This week we were introduced to Abstract Art and its relevance in the present century. It was followed by an individual research by the students for our portfolio which included the definition of abstract art, the prominent artists and their art works. Based on different criteria, we understood how to critically analyse an artwork and do a formal analysis. Further we made detailed mind- maps that included materials, mediums, design description, so that we have a fair idea of the layout we will create and then decide our final artwork for the unit.

Aarna Garg



This week we continued working on prototypes of our jewellery pieces, using sustainable materials like seeds, branches from the garden, spices, mango pits, wood apple, fabric swatches, paper scraps, yarn and old donated leather bags.

We followed the elements and principles of design to bring the pieces together.

Shaurya Yadav 



The past week we made progress with our project related to the famous Shakespearean play – Hamlet.  We also started researching the preservation of Shakespeare’s works and documenting the various formats and mediums where his works are used or have been used as an inspiration and noted them in our journals.

Damian Dasgupta



This week we practiced chord formation and identification in preparation for our upcoming formative assessment. We learnt to write the chords on the staff and did few online exercises to identify the chords already drawn on the staff. We also indulged in an aural exercise where the teacher played random chords on the keyboard and were asked to identify its type and character.

Medha Ummat



We were introduced to our first unit ‘All for one and one for all’ in which we will get the opportunity to enhance our social skills. Later discussed about the importance of teamwork and how to build it through different sports. We also discussed about how we can communicate effectively with our teammates and opponents. Later we played Badminton and Basketball in separate groups.

Shaurya Yadav


AUGUST 2019 – WEEK 2

Language and literature The past week, we started with an immersion activity- about pillow fights! Our prompt for different writing tasks was “Violent Pillow Fight Injures 30 at the US Military Academy”. We wrote different inquiry questions, stories, and then we paraphrased our stories.  As the week progressed, we got on to our text, My Family and Other Animals, and read the first three chapters, along with the Speech for the Defence. Our tasks this week all pertained to The Speech for the Defence. We first analysed the name, and had to justify why this section of the book was named so, then we observed and listed what we thought would be the main characters in the book, based on those mentioned in the Speech for the Defence, and finally, we wrote down why we thought the title of this section was humourous.
Ahhana Verma, MYP3B  
Math   We started the session with setting up some essential agreements and goals for us for this term in our math class. We did various activities and played games which helped us to revise our last year’s concepts. We played a quiz on command terms. We played an interesting game in teams to identify different polygons based on their properties. We also played a game of greed” which helped to brush up our statistics concepts. We practiced a lot of questions on number system and algebra. Last week we started with our first unit and discussed the key concept, related concept and global context. We discussed in detail the laws of exponents and practiced questions based on the laws. By Devyani Aggarwal MYP 3 B  
Science Physics Throughout these two weeks, we have recapped the basic skills needed to excel in science. As physics is deeply related to math’s, so we started by understanding the analysis and plotting of graphs through investigations. We learnt the difference between a bar graph and line graph and how do we analyse our data to plot the correct graph. We also came to know that we require SALT: Scale, Axis, Labels and Title in our graphs. We had a recap on decimals and how to write numbers (multiples of 10) in the form of exponents and base. We also had a brief introduction to our upcoming unit. From next week we will start with our unit and a new journey of excitement will begin. Damian Dasgupta- MYP 3A Chemistry To start this academic year off, we did skill building activity which helped clear our minds and get ready for all the fascinating new things which we would delve deep into this year. During the skill-building sessions, we did activities which were not only entertaining but also educational. These activities included an interactive session which helped us remember the skills for writing the chemical formula for different compounds. Another activity was writing down chemical names for different compounds. We also revised balancing chemical equations, which is a concept which everyone enjoyed. These skill-building sessions also prepared us for our benchmarking assessments. We students are very enthusiastic for all the learning which will take place this year! By Diya Kansal MYP 3B Biology We engaged in skill building activities in groups and individually. We planned an investigation on the given question and analysed the data. We were introduced to the details of the first unit (GC, RC, KC) as well as the SOI and inquiry questions for the same. We did a quiz to review the concept of digestion. Then, we researched and summarized our understanding on digestive enzymes. By-Tansi Mehrotra- MYP3C
Individuals & societies We unveiled the unit titled Colonial Powers. We analysed the beginning of colonialism and how it began with the coming of Age of Geographical Discoveries. The leading colonial powers were Portugal and Spain and how trading with Asia, Africa and South America was the beginning. We also got to know about significant individuals like Vasco da Gama, Prince Henry “The Navigator”, Marco Polo, Herman Cortez and of course – Columbus the great. We had a lot of fun doing mind map activities.  
Language acquisition             French Bienvenue dans la salle de français!    Yet again, we kick off our new academic session with introduction to the language acquisition Emergent level criteria. The week started with some ice breaking activities as well. This helped us in conversing in French and creating a French ambience in our classroom. As part of language requirements, we prepared for our bench marking assessments on all criteria through DELF listening and reading tests. We appeared for our bench marking assessments and received feedback on our performance.   Aryan Rahim Bhimani (MYP 3A)   Hindi  Phase 1and Phase 2 Students shared their experiences about vacation and discussed about ‘the Hindi language and its importance at national and global level. They had a language game activity – ‘identify the adjective’ which was based on their observation skill. They also participated in essential agreement activity and shared their views in written and oral form in class. Storytelling was also introduced in class and they listen story ‘Till ke laddoo’. Students also had their benchmarking assessment based on criteria B and CD written. They also had an ATL thinking skill-based activity as cartoon analysis. They discussed some social-political cartoons and shared their views after analysis.  Spanish This week engaging icebreaking activities were conducted in the Spanish class. We had doubt clearing sessions and we attempted Benchmarking assessment on Criteria A, B, C, and D.  Diya Kansal MYP3B
DT     In tune with this year’s theme at our school, we started our product design class with a discussion and reflection on “sustainability”. We expressed and shared our opinions on the topic on Padlet. A video on diamond mining opened our eyes to the environmental and ethical issues in jewellery manufacture. Most of us were not aware of how bad the situation is for the miners, especially children who are often used as cheap labour and our natural ecosystems. We brainstormed on materials which could be possible sustainable options and could be designed into jewellery and accessories.  On an optimistic note, we realised that we can actually contribute actively to sustainability, as product designers.
Andrea MYP  3B  
ICT        In the first few weeks of the new academic year the students of MYP 3B worked on and then presented a design idea on various problems such as sustainable food distribution or even cyber bullying. This was a skill building activity in Digital Design to kick off the new school year in a productive manner.  Kris Varghese – MYP 3B  
Drama       The past two weeks have had an interesting start to the theatre classes. We were introduced to Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s famous plays and our first task was to read it and find various movies and television series that have drawn inspiration from the playwright. Thereafter, we were asked to identify a project of our choice, something that we create or innovate, so that it connects to the story and acts as a learning aid for other students.  
Music     We revised the concept of scales and discussed about why the pitches are arranged in a sequence in any given scale. We learnt about different types of chord structures, the semitone distance between the 1st, 3rd and the 5th note in the major, minor, diminished and augmented chords. We also played a quiz in which we derived various chords from different pitches using the formulas.    Aditya Nair MYP 3B
Art     We have tried to understand the difference between abstract art and other forms of art by various activities and discussions. We have tried to understand the significance of the various elements that go in creation of abstract art and the ways in which abstract art impacts society in changing time and space. Based on their research students have started making layout for their practical work. They are also working out on the mediums that they will use for their practical work.  They are also making mind maps based on their research.   
PHE       We began our PHE lessons by making some essential agreements. Then we were introduced to our first unit ‘All for one and one for all’ in which we will get the opportunity to enhance our Social skills. We then discussed about the importance of teamwork and how to build it through different sports. We also discussed about how we can communicate effectively with our teammates and opponents. Later we played Badminton and Basketball in separate groups.    

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